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Trust Index - 06 / Reliance and trust in President Ilham Aliyev is at a high level, according to the sociological analysis.


Trust Index - 06 / Reliance and trust in President Ilham Aliyev is at a high level - sociological analysis. In the sixth edition of the Social Research Center's "Trust Index" report, the activity of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev was evaluated in public opinion.

The presentation of the Report hosted by Zahid Oruj, deputy of the Milli Majlis, Chairman of the Board of the Social Research Center, attended by Ali Huseynli, Chairman of the Legal Policy and State Building Committee of the Milli Majlis, Emin Huseynov, the special representative of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the liberated territories included in the Karabakh economic region (except Shusha region) and the Hero of the Patriotic War, Vusal Yagubov.

Zahid Oruj, Chairman of the Board of the Social Research Center, who delivered the opening remarks, emphasized that the multifaceted and a wide range of activities by the President of Azerbaijan in the second half of 2021 in the political, military and diplomatic, social and cultural fields, as well as in the information front was reflected in the opinion of citizens in the sociological survey titled "Trust Index-06".  

The poll covers the year that an unparalleled history was recorded, the Victory's one-year anniversary, that was the first time in our state's history we celebrated, and the momentous stage of restoration and reconstruction in independent Karabakh

Further, a film titled "Activity of President Ilham Aliyev in public opinion – Trust Index” has been presented at the event."

The Hero of the Patriotic War Vusal Yagubov said during the ceremony that he met with President Ilham Aliyev in the Gubadli area, where his father was relocated, and gave the leader of the country his heartfelt greetings. V. Yagubov called attention to the way the Patriotic War altered our history by ushering in proud liberation days in place of the depressing occupation days. He stressed out that during the Patriotic War, the valiant Azerbaijani Army changed the course of history.

Emin Huseynov, the special representative of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, gave a speech and provided details on the construction and restoration works done in the territories released from occupation that are part of the Karabakh economic region (apart from the Shusha region). "We are attempting to reconcile our countrymen who were uprooted with their original abodes," the designated spokesperson said. “To martyrs and heroes, this is what we owe. This year saw the implementation of projects that astounded the entire world. Fuzuli International Airport's building is among the most renowned of them. Additionally, systems for electricity, water, and road communications were constructed in the liberated areas. Large-scale demining works are being carried out in Karabakh. Construction and rebuilding are being carried out in 11 directions by working in a coordinated manner with all state institutions.  All mentioned is accomplished under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev.

E. Huseynov stated that the partition of the territories released from occupation into two economic regions facilitated the works and that the approval of economic regions is a crucial step in achieving balance in the country.

President Ilham Aliyev is one of the leaders who has maintained his high rating since taking office, and he holds a special place in the Turkish world and the Muslim world, according to Ali Huseynli, the first deputy speaker of the Milli Majlis and the chairman of the legal policy and state building committee. He said that the head of our state  earned affection of the people with his policy, special care for vulnerable groups, simplicity and sincerity, and strengthened their trust in him with the decisive steps he took.  Additionally, he pointed out: “During the time of rule of the great leader Heydar Aliyev and President Ilham Aliyev, the people of Azerbaijan were sure that the occupied lands would be liberated. This belief was justified in the 44-day Patriotic War last year. After the liberation of Karabakh, the Muslim and Turkish peoples began to be proud of President Ilham Aliyev. The victory gained increased the prestige of our country and changed the situation in the region in our favor. From now on, under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev, our people and our country will have a bright future, progress and sustainable development”.

It should be emphasized that the survey was being conducted at a significant historical juncture in terms of the calendar, the post-war era, the state of Karabakh's construction, and the post-war period. The survey covered all regions of the country except the liberated areas and the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. The opinion of 1162 respondents was studied.

The examination of the findings from the similar previous polls and the present survey demonstrates that the Presidential factor is the key element that unites and reconciles Azerbaijani society and the public's thinking regarding the country's interests. Characterized as the first year of the post-war era, 2021 is featured by its dynamism and activity in the engagements of the head of state as it was observed in the past times.

The trust of the citizens who participated in the survey in the President is characterized as high, by 91.2 percent fully trusting, 6.9 percent mostly trusting.

According to a sizable portion of respondents, the Shusha Declaration will elevate ties between Azerbaijan and Turkey to the level of a military alliance (60.4 percent), advance direct cooperation with Turkey in the fields of military, security, and defense (61.6 percent), and Azerbaijan and Turkey will take part as a model for the national interests of the Turkic world and Turkish solidarity (50.6 percent).

The East-West and North-South transport corridors will be connected to Nakhchivan through the main territory of Azerbaijan once the Zangezur transport corridor begins to operate (53,5%). This will improve relations between Azerbaijan and its exclave of Nakhchivan as well as with Turkey, its friendly neighbor (74 percent). Moreover, the launch of the corridor will serve to strengthen the unity in the Turkic world (54.7%), through whichTurkey and Azerbaijan will guarantee the direct access to the Turkic world (34.8 percent).

The opening of Azerbaijan's international airport in Fuzuli, as well as plans to build airports in Zangilan and Lachin, were viewed favorably by respondents (75.9%), as having a positive impact on the country's tourism industry (57.3%), as having a positive impact on the region's economic development (57.3%), and as reducing travelling duration to Karabakh (52.7%), all of which were seen as supporting employment (25.5 percent).

According to the results of the survey, with his intensive speeches on global platforms as the architect of the Victory, the President successfully introduces our Zafar history to the international world (93.6%), stimulates citizen participation and national solidarity in the historicization of the Victory (85.7%), ensures the superiority of Azerbaijan in the information policy and in this direction it opens up new opportunities for action (85.7%), strengthens resistance to attempts against our national interests and foreign influences (81.9%), stipulates the importance of turning victory into a key resource in ensuring national unity and successful politics (79.8%).