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The Social Research Center conducted a survey on flag


The essence of the liberty of each nation is reflected in its state symbols. In the national thought of the Azerbaijani people, the state flag is a memory of the history of statehood based on centuries, a symbol of self-affirmation is one of the most valuable attributes of our history. The special attitude to the flag, is a symbol of the national existence of our people, has been prominent throughout history, and today every Azerbaijani treats the state flag with great respect.
Every single citizen whose spiritual world is connected with the state flag is proud of it. The victory of the President, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, the political will and the courage of our victorious army, which liberated the lands of Azerbaijan from occupation, adds value to the symbolic meaning of our flag, the source of national pride of the state and nation. As a result, the flag is also a symbol of victory in Karabakh.
The main purpose of the survey conducted by the Social Research Center is to study the public attitude to the national flag, as well as the additional values that the Karabakh War II brought to the national consciousness the symbolic meaning of the state flag of Azerbaijan.

• 81.3% of respondents are proud of seeing the national flag. About one in ten people (10.7%) experience victory, and 14.8% experience joy.
• For the vast majority of respondents (86%) the national flag is a symbol of victory in Karabakh, for one in three (35.7%) independence, and for the other third (31.5%) a symbol of statehood. Only 25.5% see the flag as a symbol of national unity.
• Seeing the flag waving in the liberated lands (90.1%) and seeing the Supreme Commander-in-Chief announcing victory (90%) is the main reason why the vast majority of respondents are proud of the national flag.
• Half of the respondents (56.3%) is proud when our flag is waved along with the flags of other countries. One in three people (35.7%) is proud to see our flag at international sports competitions and in different parts of the city / region (32.3%).
• The absolute majority of respondents (98.2%) are fully satisfied with the structure of the existing national flag of the independent Republic of Azerbaijan, and this form fully satisfies them.
• 79.2% of respondents were able to list the colors of the national flag in sequence. Thus, compared to the elderly, those who know the color of the national flag in the correct sequence prevail among the young.
• 55.2% of respondents know the date of Flag Day correctly. 44.8% of respondents do not know that the National Flag Day is held on November 9. As for the age factor, as we get older, the number of people who know the exact date of the flag day decreases.
• The great majority of respondents (97.7%) believe that our citizens respect our national flag.
• Attitudes towards the display of the national flag on household items and clothing are ambiguous. Thus, two-thirds of the sample (66.6%) view it to varying degrees (38.5% “very good”, 28.1% “mostly good”).
• One in five respondents (20.1%) has a very bad attitude towards the display of the national flag on household items and clothing.
• However, the public attitude to the display of the national flag on different buildings is significantly better (97.9%).
• The great majority of respondents (77.6%) believe that as a result of the Karabakh War II, citizens began to accept the state flag as a symbol of victory.
• The survey found that more than half of the sample (53.1%) received a flag after the start of the Karabakh War II.
• One in three people (35.2%) did not need to buy a flag because they already owned it.
• Of particular concern is the fact that about 6.8% of respondents were unable to purchase a flag due to its high price or inability to sell it.
• Thus, 41.9% of those who observed the change in the price of flags (96.3%) said that there was an increase.
• The majority of respondents (95.1%) like the Turkish flag and half (47.9%) like the Pakistani flag.

Considering the protection of the liberty and territorial integrity of the state as a great honor, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said, "Our flag will be raised in Nagorno-Karabakh, Khankendi and Shusha." Today, the invincible Azerbaijani Army under the leadership of the victorious Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev paid the highest respect to the flag in the history of the peoples and states of the world and raised it to an altitude of 1,700 meters in Shusha, the crown of our Karabakh. Once again, the sons of Azerbaijan demonstrated to the world their endless love and devotion to their homeland, nation and flag. The results of an opinion poll conducted by the Social Research Center to determine the public attitude to our national flag also proved that the flag is a source of pride for every Azerbaijani.