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The Social Research Center has announced the results of public opinion survey entitled “The President’s performance in public opinion: the Patriotic war and the results of 2020”.

Zahid Oruj, Chairman of the Board of the Social Research Center, emphasized that the respondents were asked to assess the effectiveness of the President’s performance in various areas, to study the factors underlying confidence in the military liberation of Karabakh, the main factors ensuring our victory in the war, the main threats of the population during the war and pandemic.

The survey was conducted among the population of Baku, Absheron and other seven economic regions. (Ganja-Gazakh, Sheki-Zagatala, Lankaran, Guba-Khachmaz, Aran, Shirvan, Upper Karabakh) Randomly selected 1217 respondents took part in the survey. The number of respondents to be involved in the survey for each economic region was determined proportionally.

Noteworthy that 96.4% of the respondents assessed the liberation of our lands during the Patriotic war as the most successful results of the performances of the President of Azerbaijan in 2020. 75.2% of the respondents praised the President’s meeting with war veterans and wounded service members and his visit to the liberated lands. Another performance  of the President this year was the dismissal of a number of heads of executive authorities and high-ranking officials for illegal performances. 65.6% of respondents praised the Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev’s constant appeals to the people for victory, 62.1% praised the President’s interviews with foreign media and offensive diplomacy among his performances in 2020.

58.8% of respondents highly evaluated President’s strategic decisions in managing the fight against the pandemic. 57.1% of respondents assessed him for initiating international events. The majority of respondents (83.3%) believed that in 2020 there was no moment that the President did not approve of.  

2020 was the Year of Victory in the history of Azerbaijan as a result of the liberation of our lands from occupation. The people deeply analyses and appreciates the performance of the President.

A significant number of respondents assessed the country’s position in the international information space during the war compared to the previous periods. Evaluating the country’s position, 66.5% regularly watched the President’s interviews with foreign media. In addition, 72.2% of respondents regularly watched the President’s address to the nation.

As for the public attitude to the personal qualities of the President as a political leader after the war, the absolute majority of the population (81.6%) observed new personal qualities in the head of state.

The vast majority of respondents (93.7%) evaluated the awarding of officers and soldiers for their services in the war. Those who agreed with the celebration of September 27 as Remembrance Day, 96.7% of respondents. Approximately 99% support the decision to mark November 8 as Victory Day.

The absolute majority of respondents evaluate the work done under the leadership of the President to build and improve the army very effectively (94.6% is very effective, 1% is mostly effective).

85.1% of respondents assessed the President's foreign policy activities as very effective, and 10.4% - mainly effective.

An absolute majority (97.7%) characterizes trust in the statements on the restoration of the liberated territories in the near future.