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The Social Research Center published the main findings of the public survey, "President's Performance in Public Opinion"


The SRC has published the main results of the 5th issue of the "Trust Index Report - President’s Performance in Public Opinion".

The respondents rated the President’s performance in various directions. Thus, the army building policy (86.5%), foreign policy (69.4%), social protection (50%), development of the non-oil sector (45.3%) and agriculture (46.7%), personnel reforms (43.7%) ), fight against corruption (45.8%), protection of public health (54.9%), ensuring physical and civil safety of the population (60%), elimination of the negative effects of the pandemic (55.7%), cultural reforms (51.5%)  respondents rated "very good" by the respondents.   

The main expectations of the respondents for the post-war period, which ended with Azerbaijan's victory over Armenia, are that the country's political and economic power will increase (60.6%) and its position in the region will strengthen (51.6%). In addition, its influence over Armenia will increase (46.9%). The 49.6% of respondents believe that Azerbaijan and Turkey will play an important role in determining the fate of the region, 45.8% - Armenia will accept the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, 32.4% - accelerate regional cooperation and integration, 41.7% Turkey's military presence in the region will increase, and 38.7% think that the alliance of Russia, Turkey and Azerbaijan will strengthen.

The results of the survey show that the main expectations of citizens from the President are to further improve the social welfare of the population (75.3%), create new jobs (74.4%), ensure a high standard of living for the families of martyrs, veterans, war veterans (71.6%). %), prevention of price increases (71.6%) and official arbitrariness (71.1%).  

81.8% of respondents rated the decisions on the Great Return plans to Karabakh for the post-war period positive, and while 1.6% negative. 7.5% of respondents were neutral. 8.4% of respondents said they had no information about the decisions made in connection with the Great Return plans. According to the respondents , the needs are to improve the living conditions of the martyrs’ families (74%), increase the monthly pension for those families (70.8%), solve social problems (69.4%), sending war wounded for treatment abroad (67.7%), establishing orders and medals and appreciating the heroism of the armed forces personnel (61%), correctly determining the degree of disability (63.3%) and timely determination (67.6%), granting privileges at various levels (55.8%), holding direct meetings with the heads of relevant bodies (51%), pardoning imprisoned relatives (37.7%). 

The visits of the presidents to the liberated territories show the fast revival and return of Karabakh (61.7%). The Supreme Commander-in-Chief directs all construction activities (61%).This ensures Azerbaijan's territorial integrity (59.8%).  The attention to the historical monuments (59.6%), stability and security in our liberated territories (58.9%), the importance given by the President to the Great Return (58.4%), the motherland, the people, national-spiritual, historical and cultural values special importance (54.3%), involvement of all Azerbaijanis in the revival of Karabakh (54.6%), stimulation of development of the liberated territories and investment in the region (50.3%), warning of forces and their supporters in Armenia (48,3%) and contributes to the information war (36.3%).      

73% of the respondents think that the president in Shusha lighted the torch symbolizes the victory of Shusha city (72%), a demonstration of Shusha as a spiritual and cultural capital of Azerbaijan (65.2%). It is also an indicator of patriotism (64.7%), love and respect of flag and land (62.2%), commitment of the president to our values and traditions (58.9%), national unity (58.9%), territorial integrity (58.4%), solidarity (57.4%), salvation of historical heritage (54.3%), restoration in Karabakh (49.6%).  The 84.6% of respondents totally and 12.2% partially agree that the return to Karabakh is a priority for the President.

73.9% of respondents think about President’s performance on the restoration of historical and cultural monuments, which the President’s visit to the Azykh cave, indicates the restoration of historical and cultural monuments in all liberated territories. 68.9% of respondents consider President Ilham Aliyev as a worthy successor of Heydar Aliyev's policy on Azerbaijani culture and history. According to 67.8% of respondents, the President's participation in the opening of the monument to Natavan in Shusha, visiting the mausoleum of Vagif is a manifestation of his special attention to Karabakh. 67.2% of respondents believe that this is an indicator of respect, love and care for the historical and cultural heritage of Azerbaijan and 61% of respondents think that Azerbaijan owns its historical and ancient territories.  

Furthermore, 49.1% of respondents think that President Ilham Aliyev's emphasis on the opening of the Zangazur Corridor in his speech at the March 31 summit of the Turkish Council on the victory in the Great Patriotic War will serve to strengthen unity among Turkic-speaking countries. 44.3% of respondents believe that at the event, the President conveyed the just position of Azerbaijan and the reasons for the military-political defeat of Armenia to the leaders of the partner countries with professionalism and highly effective arguments. 43.1% of respondents believe that the future construction and restoration of Karabakh will ensure that it becomes a place of cooperation, friendship and peace for all Turkic peoples. 42.9% of respondents said that Azerbaijan's victory will increase the economic and political participation of Turkic-speaking countries in regional processes.

Press-release: 5th Issue of the Trust Index Report