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An opinion survey was done by the Social Research Center regarding the current events on the Lachin Road


Environmentalists, social activists, and members of civil society have been demonstrating their opposition to terrorism against Azerbaijan's ecology on the Khankendi-Lachin road for more than 15 days. Environmentalists and NGO representatives are demonstrating against the unauthorized mining of mineral deposits in the regions temporarily governed by Russian soldiers, particularly the Kyzybulag gold and Demirli copper-molybdenum mines, on the Khankendi-Lachin route.
The Center for Social Research conducted a public opinion poll on ongoing actions and expectations.
"Are you following the actions on the Khankendi-Lachin road?" in response to the question, a total of 88.1% of those who participated in the survey stated that they followed the actions. 54.1% of the respondents answered "I follow often", and 34.0% answered, "I follow sometimes". 11.9% answered, "I don't follow at all".

Men outnumbered women among those who said they frequently followed the actions. However, among the respondents that cited this response, those between the ages of 55 and 64 were more prevalent than others.
"Do you think these actions will put an end to terrorism against Azerbaijan's natural resources?" 78.6% of the respondents answered "yes". 14.2% of respondents answered "no", and 7.2% found it difficult to express their opinion.
The survey's fieldwork was done between December 24 and December 27, 2022. 384 adults over the age of 18 participated in surveys that took the form of telephone interviews, with the principles of voluntary participation and anonymity being maintained. The survey ensured gender balance and covered 12 economic zones. The results have a 95% confidence interval, and the error margin is 5%.
Let's highlight that the "Qizilbulag" gold resource is located in the same-named village on the grounds of the former Aghdara area, which is controlled by Karabakh rebels, for informational purposes. The settlement of Kizilbulag is currently a part of the Kalbajar district's administrative boundaries. On the Azerbaijani administrative map, the Tartar area contains the "Demirli" copper-molybdenum deposit. The village of Demirli, which used to be part of the former Aghdara region, was transferred to the administrative structure of the Tartar region by the decision of the Milli Majlis dated October 13, 1992. One of the largest copper deposits of Azerbaijan is located in this village. Back in 2019, it was determined that geological exploration, mining and construction of new infrastructure elements (roads, buildings, facilities, etc.) were carried out illegally by Armenians in the 740-hectare area of the "Demirli" mine field through the images of "Azersky" satellites.
According to the agreement concluded years ago with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, the "Kyzilbulagh" and "Demirli" fields should be exploited by the US company "R.V. Investment". However, since those areas have been under occupation for many years, the company of "R.V. Investment" could not operate there. Information indicates that under the occupation, Armenians illegally exploited both fields with the assistance of foreign corporations. After the Second Karabakh War, illegal activities in the "Gizilbulagh" and "Demirli" fields, which are 15 kilometers apart, were put an end. However, recently, after Russian millionaire Ruben Vardanyan was appointed to the position of so-called "state minister" and elevated to the leadership of the Karabakh separatists, unlawful operations there have resumed.
The environmental protesters who blocked the route to Lachin declared that they would continue to do so until their demands were satisfied.