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Cybersecurity summit held in Baku - SRC also represented


On October 3, the "Global Hybrid War and Cybersecurity Summit" began in Baku. The event on "Global hybrid warfare and cybersecurity" jointly organized by "InterProbe" company and the Association of Cybersecurity Organizations of Azerbaijan (AKTA) is supported by "Pnetworks" organization, a member of AKTA, Media Development Agency, as well as "A2Z Technologies", "CyberPoint" companies.

At the summit, current issues in cybersecurity, cyber preparedness of countries, cyber education, a joint activity of cyber forces, cyber activities in various areas of the economy, and potential cyber management were discussed with experts from Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Israel.

At the forum, which attracts the attention of a wide audience various topics such as "Building a sustainable cybersecurity model", "Digital transformation and cyber risks in the field of finance", "Is end-to-end security possible?", "Strengthening cyber-potential" were discussed.  etc.

Within the summit's framework, multiple interactive surveys related to cyber-hygiene, and cyber-environment, were held with the participation of about 600 experts, social and management practices were especially evaluated, and interactive participants were awarded.

It was decided to continue the future activities on the issues discussed in think tanks such as the Association of Cybersecurity Organizations of Azerbaijan, Institute of Development and Diplomacy of ADA University, "CyberThink," and Cyber Diplomacy Association of Turkey.

Professor Tahira Allahyarova, Member of the Board, represents the Social Research Center at the summit.