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The Social Research Center has been established by the Presidential Decree No. 525, dated on February 8, 2019.

The SRC is a public legal entity providing relevant analysis and reporting to consideration of public institutions and state bodies. The founding purpose of the organization is to measure changes of societal norms and processes as well as to evaluate the outcomes of reforms in Azerbaijan, and gauge the public opinion accordingly. The duties of the Center include presenting proposals that aims to provide the critics of development perspectives of state management and public affairs. In addition, the SRC engages in organization of public meetings, debating panels and other events on a wide spectrum of topical issues upon public concern in order to build an effective communication and cooperation with civil society based on the objective of setting up a broad discussion platform.

The SRC systematically analyzes the dynamics of socio-political, economic and public relations, identifies main trends and deliver estimations besides the assessment of potential impact of actual shifts in individuals’ view. The Center conducts research projects via the application of cutting-edge technologies and scientific approach in methodology.

Charter of the SRC