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Major activities of the SRC:

  • To conduct opinion polls based on scientific and methodological approach upon the implementation of the sociological assessment of the fundamental issues of public concern, including the actual themes emerged in the course of social processes; Accordingly, presenting public reports reflecting the main findings of research
  • To deliver research papers based on in-depth analysis of qualitative assessment
  • To present open access reports as well as confidential review and policy papers on a variety range of critical issues to the consideration of governmental bodies upon the public and/or state commission
  • Publication of academic and journalistic articles and other research of high importance in social life through local and international platforms (journals of impact factor, and etc.) presented by the specialized group of cadre of the SRC
  • Public delivery of expert views and commentaries, broad interpretations in local, as well as in international public platforms by the SRC’s affiliates to represent the sociology, political science, economics and other fields
  • Building up an internal and external cooperation  - partnering with national, regional and international state and civil society organizations, think tanks, leading research institutions and polling centers of the market in relevance to the activity circle and related directions of the SRC in terms of joint interests in compliance with ordering and/or implementation of frameworks, inititated projects    
  • Providing a centralized coordination to representatives of think tank activities in Azerbaijan as a leading organization which aims at enhancing the public polling practice in the country
  • Organizing open-to-public and closed format events, debates and focus group meetings of experts in order to set up a dicussion platform covering the questions of social concern