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The Social Research Center is pleased to collaborate in delivery of proposals, policy papers, independent research materials (articles, reviews, etc.) and/or affliated studies for joint commitment in advancement of multidisciplinary analytics and practice in order to lead boost remarkable ideas and fresh initiatives reflecting the critical approach to topical issues of concern from societal perspective. Representing an individual or organizational view with a distinct coverage of analytical thinking to general topics and socially accepted opinion on various subjects, the submitted drafts and copyrighted materials/documents (to develop the original research) will be reviewed by the Center regularly in line with common methodological standards and ethics of research under assurance of appropriate copyright laws. The impactful ideas and outstanding authorized works will be awarded necessarily.

To submit, please extend your relevant files (draft proposals and other material in Word, PDF or reliable multimedia format) to the office@stm.az under the subject "Collaboration / Project / Proposal / Article", or make sure to reach out via the social media of the SRC.

For more information and to apply for the submission of articles to the quarterly analytical journal of "Social Research" published by the Social Research Center, please, visit the following link below: