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Democracy, Secularization, and Parliamentarism in the Muslim East: The History of 100th Anniversary of Reforms

The Social Research Center studied citizens’ attitudes to COVID-19 passports, vaccinations, regulations concerning weddings and funerals and personal assessment of the first six months of the year

Thoughts on the Common Good

The dynamics of socio-economic situation in Azerbaijan: survey among 1,073 respondents

The Social Research Center conducted a telephone survey among 1,073 respondents on several topics, from June 25 till July 5 in 2021.

Trust Index 4

The Social Research Center has announced the results of public opinion survey entitled “The President’s performance in public opinion: the Patriotic war and the results of 2020”.

Social Research Center studied the opinion of 1,121 respondents

The Social Research Center conducts public opinion surveys, studies social dynamics, new trends, obtains the results through the surveys and prepares analytical documents

The report, main research activities and plans of the SRC.

Thoughts on the Common Good

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